ROYAL ACADEMY OF DRAMATIC ART (Winner of The Shakespeare Prize)


American/ Canadian & British Equity, ACTRA

Agent: Maggie Dunlop, Olfield Management(North America)

  26 Soho Street,

  #320 Toronto ON M5T 1Z7



Paul Spyker Management (United Kingdom)

   PO Box 48848,

   London WC1B 3WZ

   Tel: 0207 379 8181




Cyrano                                                                   Cyrano                                   St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival/Conrad Nelson

Breathing Corpses                                               Jim                                          Coal Mine Theatre/David Ferry

The Tempest                                                         Prospero                               Drayton Theatre, USC, Columbia SC/Robert Richmond

I Take Your Hand in Mine                                    Anton Chekhov                    Tarragon Extraspace/Dmitry Zhukovsky

Julius Caesar/Much Ado About Nothing          Caesar/Leonado                  St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival/ Craig Walker, Rona Waddington

The Cherry Orchard                                            Gaev                                      Canadian Stage, Chekhov Collective/Dmitry Zhukovsky

Talking Heads                                                      Graham                                 Campbell House, Toronto/ John Shooter
Comedy of Errors, Romeo & Juliet                   Ageon, Pinch, Capulet         St Lawrence Shakespeare Festival/ Janet Irwin, Rona Waddington
Richard lll                                                             Stanley                                   Folger  Shakespeare Theatre/Robert Richmond

Strolling Player (2014)                                        Solo Show                             Capital Hill Arts Workshop/

The Clockmaker                                                  Mann                                     Sudbury Theatre Centre/David Savoy
Hamlet                                                                 Claudius                                 Longstreet Theatre, Columbia, SC/Robert Richmond

The Tempest                                                       Prospero/Caliban                 Warehouse Theatre, Greenville SC/Robert Richmond

Twelfth Night                                                      Malvolio                                 Folger Shakespeare Theatre, Washington DC/Robert Richmond

                                                                                                                              (Helen Hayes Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor)

Strolling Player                                                   One man show                     Tarragon Space, Toronto, Toronto Fringe Festival, Stables Theatre, Hastings UK

                                                                                                                             Capitol Hill Workshop, Washington DC & Factory163 Stratford, Ontario

Henry V                                                               Chorus/Mountjoy                 Folger Shakespeare Theatre/Robert Richmond

My Fair Lady                                                       Henry Higgins                       Summer Theatre of New Canaan/Allegra  Libonati

The Railway Children                                        Father                                    The Roundhouse Theatre, Toronto/Damian  Cruden

Vigil                                                                      Kemp                                     Sudbury Theatre Centre/David Savoy

Julius Caesar                                                       Brutus                                   Aquila Theatre Co./USA/Germany/Peter Meineck

The Master Builder                                            Ragnor                                   Peter Hall Co./UK/Greece/Canada/Peter Hall

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?                        George                                  New Victoria Theatre/Newcastle-under-Lyme/G. Hughes

Catch 22                                                               Major Major                         Lucille Lortelle, NYC /Peter Meineck

Comedy of Errors                                               Antipholus Twins                 L.A. Shakespeare Festival/La Jolla Playhouse/R. Richmond

Tess of the D’Urbervilles                                   Alec D’Urberville                  West Yorkshire Playhouse/Helena  Kaut-Howson

The Kiss of the Spider Woman                         Valentin                                 New Victoria Theatre/Newcastle-under-Lyme/M. Cashman

Woman of No Importance                                Lord Illingworth                   Leicester Haymarket/Paul  Kerryson

Things We Do For Love                                      Hamish                                 Salisbury Playhouse/Natalie Wilson

Torch Song Trilogy                                              Arnold                                   Albery Theatre/London/Robert Alan Ackerman

Little Eyolf                                                            Allmers                                  National Theatre of Norway/Rut Tellsman

The Sound of Music                                           Von Trapp                              Leicester Haymarket/Paul  Kerryson

Mrs Warren’s Profession                                  Praed                                     Denver Center Theatre Co./Bruce K. Sevy

Oleanna                                                                John                                       New Victoria Theatre/Newcastle-under-Lyme/C. Nelson

Importance of Being Earnest                            Jack                                        Baruch Arts Centre NYC/Robert  Richmond

Night and Day                                                     Richard Wagner                   Wilma Theatre/Philadelphia/Jiri Zizka

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                           Bottom                                   New Victory Theatre NYC/Robert  Richmond

The Man who Would be King                            Peachey                                 Baruch Arts Centre./NYC/Peter Meineck

The Tempest                                                        Prospero                               Aquila Theatre Co./US Tour/Robert Richmond

Jekyll & Hyde                                                        Jekyll/Hyde                           NEA USA Tour/Brian Parsons

The Tempest                                                       Caliban                                  Shared Experience/UK/Japan/Korea/Israel/Nancy Meckler

Hamlet                                                                 Claudius                                NEA USA Tour/Robert Richmond

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                          Oberon                                  Summer Theatre of New Canaan/Allegra  Libonati
The Invisible Man                                               Title Role                               National Tour/Ken Hill

Othello                                                                 Iago                                        NEA USA Tour/Bermuda  Festival/Robert  Richmond

Single Spies                                                         Guy Burgess                          Leicester Haymarket/Paul  Kerryson Spin                

Spin                                                                      Henry                                    White Bear/London/John  Lawler
Tis Pity She’s a Whore                                       Giovanni                                Dundee Rep/Neal Murray

Bedroom Farce                                                  Trevor                                     New Victoria Theatre/Rob Swain
The Devils                                                           D’Armagnac                           Theatr Clwyd/Helena Kaut-Howson

The White Devil                                                 Brachiano                              Leicester Haymarket/Paul Kerryson
Miss Julie                                                             Jean                                        Latchmere Theatre/Robert Richmond



Mary Kills People                                                      Principal                   Entertainment One 

Brainwashed: Scientology Eternal One                Guest lead                Entertainment One/David Bartlett

Dreadful Sorry                                                           Lead                         Bourne Productions/Robert Richmond

Lost Girl                                                                      Principal                   Showcase/Paola  Barzman

Nikita                                                                          Principal                   CW/Warner Bros TV/Ken Girotti

Flashpoint                                                                  Principal                   CTV/CBS/David  Frazee

Law & Order                                                             Guest Lead                NBC/Paris Barclay

The Big Bad Swim                                                     Principal                   Four Act Films/Ishai Setton
Dr Who                                                                       Guest Lead                    BBC/Peter Grimwade
Stand By Your Booth                                                Lead                          Laughing Man Productions/Daniel O’Connor


Assassin's Creed Syndicate                                      Multiple roles            Ubisoft



Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Tel: 647 339 0158
Richard can work freely in Canada, USA and the UK.         

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Physical Characteristics

2010 - present

2010 - present

Pennthorpe Preparatory School
Guernsey Grammar School
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Height: 5’9’
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown/Grey

Weight: 160lbs
Hair Length: Long